Adaptation of the Istanbul Principles in Republic of Moldova

Data publicării: aprilie 3, 2018

Adaptation of the Istanbul Principles in Republic of Moldova

In the context that many CSOs from Moldova do not see / understand the need to respect certain ethical principles in their development activities, especially when they ask transparency, accountability and democracy from the authorities, the Platform for Active Citizenship and Human Rights Partnership organized, with the partners from CSOs, a series of regional discussions with CSOs representatives from all over the country where was presented the Istanbul Principles and discussed why it’s important to respect them.

Regional event in Ialoveni, 24.03.2018

The first regional event took place in Ialoveni, on 24.03.2018, the second regional event took place in Cahul, on 27.03.2018 and the third regional event took place in Bălți on 28.03.2018. At those events were presented the activity of the CPDE and the Istanbul Principles. Also it was organized practical exercises in order to see how do people from different CSOs see the way to respect the Istanbul Principles in their activity. The collected recommendations were putted together and presented at the final event in Chisinau, which took place on 30.03.2018. Within the event, the participants discussed the best way to have a CSOs self regulatory mechanism and it was decided the most efficient option for Moldova’s CSOs is to have a noninstitutionalized mechanism, where the CSOs should announce publicly that they will respect those principles. Organizations that will assume these principles will place them on the official Internet page and respect them with good faith. Thus, civil society in Moldova will connect with NGOs that promote and respect ethical principles at international level in their work.

Regional event in Bălți, 28.03.2018

As a result, it was created the community from the Republic of Moldova that promotes Istanbul Principles. At the regional discussions in the south, centre, north of the country and at the final event in Chisinau participated a total of 141 persons, which represent 62 formal and informal institutions.

Regional event in Cahul, 27.03.2018

The photos from the events can be accesed HERE.

The activities were organized with the support from CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) and FHI360. The activities were also  possible thanks to the generous help of the American people offered through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The views expressed belong to CAP and its partners fro CSOs and do not necessarily reflect the position of USAID or the US Government.

Thanks for the photos to Ms. Liuba Stavinschi and Mr. Alex Dimitrov.